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Lincoln Industries, founded in 1952 in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a dynamic company that leverages its expertise in metal finishing and supply chain management to address a wide range of customer challenges. With a strong emphasis on corrosion resistance, wear protection, aesthetic enhancement, heat management, and friction reduction, Lincoln Industries is dedicated to creating optimal solutions for its clients. As the largest and most diverse metal finishing company in North America, Lincoln Industries is known for its exceptional capabilities and commitment to customer satisfaction.

While Lincoln Industries focuses primarily on die castings, their expertise extends to various metal finishing applications. Their product offerings include a wide range of metal components, finished with precision and durability. Whether it's die castings for automotive parts, industrial equipment, or consumer goods, Lincoln Industries delivers high-quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Lincoln Industries offers comprehensive services that encompass metal finishing, supply chain management, and customized solutions. With their extensive experience in metal finishing techniques, they provide a range of surface treatments, including coatings, platings, and advanced processes, to enhance the performance, durability, and aesthetics of the finished products. Additionally, their expertise in supply chain management ensures efficient logistics, timely delivery, and cost-effective solutions for their customers.

Lincoln Industries' strength lies in its ability to offer a diverse range of metal finishing capabilities. Their state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with advanced machinery and technologies, allowing them to handle various sizes and complexities of die castings. Their skilled team of engineers, technicians, and craftsmen utilize their expertise to ensure precise finishing, meticulous quality control, and consistent results.

As the largest metal finishing company in North America, Lincoln Industries has the advantage of extensive resources and expertise. Their comprehensive capabilities enable them to provide tailored solutions to address specific customer needs, whether it's enhancing corrosion resistance, improving wear properties, optimizing heat management, or reducing friction. They combine technical excellence with innovative thinking to create the best solutions for their clients.

Die Castings Power Pages

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum casting is a method for producing high tolerance and high quality parts by inserting molten aluminum into a precisely designed and precision engineered die, mold, or form. It is an efficient process for the production of complex, intricate, detailed parts that exactly match the specifications of the original design...

Die Casting

Die Casting

Die casting is a high pressure metal casting process that forces molten metal into a mold. It produces dimensionally accurate precision metal parts that have a flawless smooth finish...

Types of Casting Processes

Casting Foundry

The casting process is an ancient art that goes back several thousand years to the beginning of written history. The archeological record has finds that document the use of the casting process over 6000 years ago around...

Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Casting Dies

Zinc die casting is a casting process where molten zinc is injected into a die cavity made of steel that has the shape, size, and dimensions of the part or component being produced. The finished cast zinc product has all the...

Investment Casting

Investment Casting

Investment casting is a metal working process that uses a ceramic shell built over a wax pattern to produce parts with extraordinarily uniform and smooth surfaces. The wax pattern is produced from an aluminum die.The final products of investment casting are without parting lines, mold half marks, or other deformities...

Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Casting

Lost wax casting is a casting process that uses a wax pattern to create a ceramic mold for creating a part or product design. It has been known over the years as lost wax or precision casting due to its accuracy in recreating parts with precise tolerances...

Iron Castings

Iron Castings

An iron casting is a hard product obtained from combining iron with carbon. This can be readily cast in a mold, and it contains a higher proportion of carbon compared to steel. The proportion typically ranges from 2 to 4.3 percent...


Forged Part

Forging is a metal working process that manipulates, shapes, deforms, and compresses metal to achieve a desired form, configuration, or appearance outlined by a metal processing design or diagram. Depending on the type of metal and the requirements of the design...

Open vs Closed Die Forging

Applications of Closed Die Forging

In this article, there are key terms that are typically used with open and closed die forging and it is necessary to understand their meaning. Forging is a process in manufacturing that involves pressing, hammering, or...

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